Family Friendly Professionals

Our Electricians are trained professionals that have spent many years in formal training and have excelled in this vocation. We are also committed to ongoing training for apprentices and our Journeyman as the industry continues to improve.


We take pride in our work and have a deep respect for your family. We arrive in uniform, wear shoe covers, use respectful language and clean up after we are finished. 

We want to make as small of an impact on your normal routine as possible!

Safety Minded

We desire to not only complete your electrical work but also to educate you about your own electrical system and how to use it safely. It is unfortunate when Clients have a Technician of any trade into their home to do repairs or improvements and do not learn anything for themselves while they have the opportunity.

In order to accomplish this goal, during our initial Service Consultation we will explain main fire prevention and shock safety. We desire you to learn in the hopes that you will be better equipped to use your own electrical system and protect your family.

Simple Pricing and Guaranteed Work

For everything you purchase, you want to know what the investment will be before you make the purchase, right? Well this is true for your home repairs as well. With our Budget Pricing Guide you know what your investment will be before any work has started. 

We love what we do and stand behind all of our work and this means that we never cut corners. We install the products that we trust and we warranty all of our installations. 

Thank you for considering us to help! It would be a privilege to meet you.